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Major stabilisation for redevelopment scheme

Client: Persimon Homes
Location: Goffs Oak, Cheshunt
Approved Installer: South East Ties Ltd
Reference No: CS010

As part of the planning permission for redevelopment of this site into luxury homes, 32 of 64 existing prefabricated huts, constructed from either brick or concrete panels, had to be retained. Historic settlement meant all the huts were suffering from structural faults and required major stabilisation.

Original Solution

An initial scheme for extensive mass underpinning would have been time consuming, disruptive and expensive, with a budget proposal of £250,000.

Helifix Solution

Together with the project engineer, Woods Warren, Helifix devised a rapid pile and beam solution using the HeliBeam System;

  • Some 1600m of stainless steel HeliBars were bonded into channelled out mortar joints to form masonry beams that secured and supported the masonry between the piles.
  • Long series TurboTies were used during the construction of the outer skins to tie the brickwork to the original huts' brick or concrete panels, crossing cavities up to 200mm wide caused by the original brick pillars.


Helifix products, techniques and technical assistance provided an effective, non-disruptive solution in a difficult situation. The scheme cost £87,000 representing a saving of about £150,000.