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Weak Grade II listed stone bridge repaired after defects found

Stone Bridge repairs

Client: Somerset County Council

Location: West Lydford Bridge, Somerset

Approved Installer: Goldhawk Bridge Restoration Ltd.

Carrying West Lydford High Street over the River Brue, this Grade II listed natural stone bridge is 22.1m long, 4.1m wide, has five arches with spans ranging from 2.0m to 2.72m and 2.36m wide parapets.


A number of defects had been noted, following an inspection in 2006, which were severely weakening the bridge. Mortar in the joints was missing, loose or friable, some stones had become dislodged or dropped and others were missing, mainly from two of the arch soffits.

Helifix Solution

A full underwater dive survey of the structure and the riverbed, up and down stream, was undertaken. Spans were dewatered to access the pier columns.

The dropped or dislodged stones were repositioned and missing stones replaced, secured with masonry reinforcement ties and bonded with HeliBond cementitious grout.

As agreed with the client, specified sections of the bridge structure were repointed using Natural Hydraulic Lime mortar.

The Helifix proprietary strengthening and rehabilitation techniques were reliable and cost-effective. Fully concealed, they caused minimal disturbance to this heritage structure and left the bridge visually unaltered.

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