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Manufacturers of helical wall ties, fixings & masonry repair systems.

Helifix products and their concealed, non-disruptive, installation techniques play an important role in preserving our built environment, from housing, offices, factories and bridges to churches, listed buildings and heritage structures. Wherever possible, repair and refurbishment is increasingly seen as a more sustainable option than demolition in terms of architectural value, materials usage, overall cost and environmental impact.

With an enviable reputation for product quality, engineering excellence and comprehensive customer service, Leviat has considerable experience and technical expertise. It prides itself on possessing the necessary in-house skills to undertake all aspects of any project including advice and support, on-site back-up and high quality designed repairs using innovative, non-disruptive, concealed installation techniques.

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Masonry may deteriorate, crack, delaminate and fail for a variety of reasons. Most of these problems can be overcome by using various combinations of Helifix remedial ties and masonry reinforcement products. With techniques which have wide ranging applications, proven to be effective in overcoming all commonly occurring structural faults and masonry structures.

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Our Process

All of Leviat's Helifix projects are logged from start to finish in a comprehensive technical audit. This detailed documentation ensures that all aspects of any given project are recorded to provide a complete picture of all operations and to create a comprehensive record for future reference, should it be required.


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Case Studies

Bridges Churches Commercial Converted Properties High-rise Buildings Micro-Piles Public Buildings Residential Residential: Council/HA Residential: New Build

“We chose to use a Helifix Approved Installer based on their high standards of installation and expertise which resulted in a fast, efficient and economical solution. With the structure fully secured, we were able to proceed with the project without any major contract delays.”
Lewis Bryer
Bryer Consulting Ltd

“ASRS has been operating as a Helifix Approved Installer for in excess of 15 years. The association with Helifix, and the ability to issue Helifix Warranties, has been instrumental in the substantial growth of the company over the period.”
Darren Anderton, ASRS Ltd

“We have definitely benefited from being a Helifix Approved Installer as their name is well known and recognised as a leader in the structural repair market. We receive thorough training, product discounts and good sales leads on projects we would not otherwise have heard about.”
Bryan Hindle,
Brick-Tie Preservation