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Masonry may deteriorate, crack, delaminate and fail for a variety of reasons. Most of these problems can be overcome by using various combinations of Helifix remedial ties and masonry reinforcement products. With techniques which have wide ranging applications, proven to be effective in overcoming all commonly occurring structural faults and masonry structures.

Our products are extremely versatile and adaptable so, if you have a particular problem and require assistance, call our technical support team on 020 8735 5200 who will be pleased to help.

The illustration above highlights some of the most commonly occurring structural faults that affect every type of commercial and residential property of all ages and construction. Individually or in combination, Helifix products provide a reliable and lasting solution to these and many other problems.

Installed externally in most situations, they leave buildings visually unimpaired and cause negligible disturbance to the building’s fabric or its occupants. Fully concealed, in the vast majority of cases Helifix products avoid expensive and disruptive taking down and rebuilding. They provide secure, lasting connections in all forms of brick, blocks, concrete, stone and timber as well as traditional local building materials such as Devon Cob, Wychert and Norfolk Clay Lump.

Clearly there are other situations which are not shown here such as failed parapet walls, separated cornices, blown render and many more besides. By using various combinations of Helifix ties, fixings and reinforcing bars virtually any situation can be dealt with so do not hesitate to call us on 020 8735 5200 if you have a particular problem which is not covered here.

Details of many other repairs are available in our Resources section under Repair Details.