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DryFix is the solution for wall tie corrosion at K College


Client: K College

Location: Kent

Approved Installer: Poulton Remedial Services Ltd

Having been called in to assess repairs that were required to the parapet walls at the K College in Dover, the structural survey undertaken by structural repair specialist, Helifix, revealed serious wall tie corrosion on a number of buildings and a significant lack of wall ties in many areas.

Despite only having been constructed in 1976 the college buildings needed an extensive wall tie replacement programme.

The Helifix Solution

Helifix recommended its DryFix remedial tie system to the main contractor, C S Chambers and Sons, and the Helifix Approved Installer, Poulton Remedial Services Ltd, won the tender to undertake the extensive wall tie replacement programme.

In total 25,000 DryFix replacement wall ties were installed to ensure that all of the college buildings were structurally secure. Due to their speed of installation, the slim, stainless steel, DryFix ties are extremely cost-effective. They require no grouts, resins or mechanical expansion and are simply driven into both leaves, via a small pilot hole, using a special power-driver attachment. Once installed, the self-tapping DryFix ties produce a secure and reliable mechanical connection.

After making good, using matching brick dust, there was virtually no evidence of the repairs that had been rapidly and economically carried out to restore structural integrity to the K College buildings.

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