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Structural stabilisation of 4 conjoined properties

Client: Renoufs
Location: St Helier, Jersey
Reference No: CS027

Registered as buildings of local interest and protected under the Jersey Island Plan, the four properties at 1 & 2 Vine Street backed on to by those at 15 & 17 King Street, were all suffering from cracked, separated and unstable walls due to age and various alterations over the years. The Vine Street buildings date back to 1725, are four storeys plus basements while Kings Street are three stories high and built in the 1830's. Constructed from a mix of granite, rubble and brick materials, they comprise mixed retail, commercial and residential areas. The properties were to be combined as one unit, with most internal walls removed and structural integrity restored to others. Damaged and loose masonry was to be repaired and walls with failed bonds reconnected.

Helifix Solution

  • To stitch cracks, secure the masonry and restore integrity, over 950m of stainless steel HeliBars were bonded into channelled out mortar beds with HeliBond cementitious grout.
  • To reconnect separated party walls and secure the building facades, some 1500 grouted CemTies, each 300mm long, were installed into pre-drilled clearance holes. The buildings were fully stabilised but visually unaltered prior to refurbishment as a bank, offices and flats.