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Structural stabilisation avoiding underpinning

Client: Townsfolk Ltd
Location: Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk
Reference No: CS003


Built in 1814 the former mill, due for luxury residential conversion, had suffered two fires, and constant weathering causing; Extensive masonry cracking. Bulging of 1m thick flint-filled walls. Lime mortar failure. Local subsidence causing structural cracking.

Original Solution

To undertake costly and disruptive underpinning and some structural rebuilding - estimated cost £22,000, delays to main contract and 5 weeks to complete.

Helifix Solution

Our Approved Installer used the Helibeam solution; Pairs of stress-free stainless steel HeliBars were grouted into selected mortar beds around all sides of the mill Deep masonry beams created. Structure reinforced and loads redistributed. Allowed bridging over area of subsidence. Cracks stitched with concealed HeliBars. Bulging walls stabilised with grouted CemTies. Extensive repointing was carried out. Major benefits With Helifix concealed, non-disruptive techniques, expensive underpinning was avoided and the mill was fully stabilised with no significant rebuilding to provide a quick and sympathetic solution with no Building Regulation concerns. 10 Year insurance backed warranty issued. Cost £8,300 and completed in just two weeks.