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Structural Repairs to Grade A Historic Scotland Mansion

Location: Scotland
Approved Installer: Anderson Specialist Contracting
Reference No: PR223

Built in the late 17th century, Grade A listed Kinross House, which overlooks Loch Leven in Perth and Kinross, is regarded as the most important early classical mansion in Scotland and still retains most of its original internal decoration. After 200 years as the home of the Montgomery family, it was sold in 2010 and is undergoing a major renovation during its conversion into a hotel and conference centre.

Internally it was suffering from extensive cracking at the junctions between inner cross walls and the external solid walls as a result of historic settlement. Due to the building's architectural importance, an effective non-disruptive solution was required that could be installed internally, as its Grade A listing meant no holes could be drilled through the external elevations, and would satisfy the requirements of Historic Scotland.

Working with Create Engineering of Edinburgh, Helifix devised a suitable repair scheme that, together with its considerable experience of sympathetically repairing heritage buildings, convinced Historic Scotland and overcame any concerns they may have had. The works were then carried out by Approved Installer, Anderson Specialist Contracting.

Over 100m of stainless steel HeliBars were bonded into the internal cross walls above door frames to stitch cracks and restore the integrity of the masonry, with the ends bonded into holes drilled 500mm into the external elevations at a 450 angle at the wall corners. To reconnect the internal and external walls, 500mm long fully grouted CemTies were installed at several levels in a cross stitching pattern.

These well proven Helifix concealed repair techniques rapidly restored structural integrity to this important country house with minimal disturbance to the building's fabric and without affecting its original decorations to retain its overall aesthetic appeal.