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Structural integrity restored to stone house

Client: Elton Church of England Primary School, Ely Diocese
Location: Elton, Peterborough
Approved Installer: JB Specialist Refurbishments
Engineers: MLM Cambridge
Reference No: CS191

Built in the 19th century, The School House at Elton Church of England Primary School has 500mm thick, load bearing, solid external walls constructed from locally sourced stone with lime mortar. The first floor comprises timber joists at 400mm centres that use internal masonry walls as intermediate supports while the cross walls are stretcher bond brick with sand and cement mortar.

Virtually all of the internal cross walls were not tied correctly to the external walls which had resulted in some walls experiencing lateral movement. In addition, there was a 50mm wide crack in the external wall running from ground level to the roof.

The crack needed to be stitched and the external stonework stabilised while all the internal cross walls had to be securely tied to the external walls.

The Helifix Solution

The structural engineers, appointed by the main contractor, devised a stabilisation scheme using the Helibeam System.

● Single 6mm stainless steel HeliBars were inserted into grout-filled holes drilled internally into the external walls at room corners and cross wall junctions. The bars were then bent and bonded into specified, channelled-out, mortar beds using HeliBond cementitious grout.

● Further HeliBars were bonded into external mortar beds across the crack to stitch the stonework and stabilise the masonry. The HeliBars have great tensile strength but are flexible enough to follow irregular mortar beds, work with lime mortar and accommodate natural building movement.

The repairs were completed quickly and efficiently to restore full structural integrity to The School House and a warranty provided for the design, installation and materials.