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Stone cottage secured without disruption

Client: Private homeowner
Location: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Reference No: CS045

A stone built cottage over 150 years ago, had developed structural faults. The archway entrance was failing due to inadequate support causing distortion of the arch pier, the front door to jam and masonry cracking in the archway walls. The Helifix survey highlighted the front elevation as having inadequate lateral restraint resulting in outward movement and causing further cracking in the archway and the internal kitchen wall. The floor joists at first and second floor levels ran parallel to front elevation with no physical tie in and there was only one structural cross wall at ground level.

Helifix Solution

HD BowTies were installed through the front elevation stonework and the first two floor joists, on both storeys, to provide lateral restraint. HeliBars were bonded into the mortar beds, at both first and second floor levels, to create masonry beams which assisted in distributing the loads above the arch. Crack stitching was undertaken to repair the kitchen wall and stabilise the archway wall which was also secured to the internal cross wall with grouted long length CemTies. The timber door frame was replaced with a steel box-section frame which stabilised the slender pier supporting the arch and ensured the front door opened and closed properly. The concealed repairs secured the cottage economically and with minimal disruption. The original stonework and appearance of the property was retained and the costly and disruptive alternative of taking down and rebuilding most of the front elevation was avoided.