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Stabilising parapet walls on tower blocks

Client: Tamworth Town Council
Location: Tamworth
Reference No: CS018


Following the collapse of a 3m parapet wall on one tower block elevation a survey of six blocks revealed that:

  • The parapet walls had insufficient wall ties
  • Copings were loose and were not mechanically anchored
  • There was some minor masonry cracking and delamination

Helifix Solution

The installer, working to a Helifix designed repair programme, used a combination of Helifix products and concealed installation techniques to rapidly and cost-effectively solve the various problems. All work was undertaken from inside the parapet which overcame any need for specialist access equipment.

  • DryFix remedial ties were installed to increase the tie density to meet with current regulations and connect the walls to the internal concrete frame.
  • Coping stones were secured to the walls by vertically installing two CemTies per coping at diagonally opposite corners.
  • To stitch cracked masonry adjacent to openings, stainless steel HeliBars were bonded into selected channelled-out mortar beds using HeliBond cementitious grout.
  • Following re-pointing and making good the walls and their coping stones were fully stabilised and all repair products were totally concealed.