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Stabilising gable end walls

Client: New Forest District Council
Reference No: CS019


Built about 40 years ago, 14 properties of prefabricated construction, on various parts of the Merriott Road Housing Estate were suffering from a lack of lateral restraint to their single gable end walls causing:

  • Outward bowing of the walls
  • High level horizontal cracking

Helifix Solution

  • Using long series BowTie HD ties and multipurpose TurboFast fixings the gable end walls were secured to the internal truss rafters.
  • The 1.0m BowTie HD's, heavy duty stainless steel threaded bars, were inserted through pre-drilled clearance holes in the single skin brickwork and driven into the inner leaf stud, rafters and ceiling joists.
  • The outer ends of the BowTies were then bonded to the gable walls to provide lateral restraint. To ensure that full lateral stability was established the truss rafters and ceiling joists were connected together with cross bracing secured using 75mm TurboFast fixings.
  • All the gable walls were reliably and economically stabilised, causing minimal disturbance to the structures or inconvenience to the occupants.