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SockFix anchors secure listed façade to floor slabs

Client: Private homeowners
Location: 4-6 Stanhope Gate, London
Engineers: Carrig Conservation International
Approved Installer: Charterbuild
Reference No: CS200

These five storey properties in London’s Mayfair, containing 25 prestigious high quality apartments, were being redeveloped. Although they had undergone various internal alterations in the past, they are Grade II listed and have to retain their Georgian façades.

Engineers needed to tie the brick façade, with its poor quality brick pillars, to the new interior concrete floors. Anchors that were simply resin-bonded were rejected due to the weak condition of the brickwork and all works had to be undertaken internally so as not to damage the listed façade.

The Helifix Solution

Structural repairs were devised by the engineers using around 500 Helifix SockFix grouted stainless steel anchors that ranged in length from 350mm to 530mm.

● Special, angled, continuous stainless steel brackets were created that had vertical slotted holes through which the SockFix anchors could be inserted. Holes were drilled into the brickwork and the concrete slabs.


● The ends of the SockFix with the mesh sock were installed into the brickwork and pumped full of cementitious grout which expands, fills any voids and forms both a strong mechanical bond and also, as the grout seeps through the sock, a chemical bond with the masonry.

● The other ends of the anchors, with no socks, were passed through the steel angle bracket and bolted in place with a load nut. 

Each of the anchors was tested and a 25mm gap, to allow for thermal movement, was left between the façade and the concrete slabs. On completion, the listed façade was fully secured.