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Separating stone quoins reliably secured

Client: Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council
Location: Huddersfield, Yorks
Approved Installer: Grove Building Solutions Ltd
Reference No: CS041

Although only some 20 years old, Woodlands Children's Home was suffering from separation of the decorative stone quoins on the building's corners due to rotational movement. To prevent the quoins becoming unstable and separating from the main structure, following further differential thermal movement, an efficient and concealed method was needed to rectify the situation and maintain high standard living conditions for the children in the Council's care.

Helifix Solution

To reliably and permanently secure the quoins, HeliBar stainless steel helical bars were installed between every quoin on each of the front four corners of the two storey property. The bars were bonded into channelled-out mortar beds, bent around the corners and extended 500mm beyond the end of each quoin. They reinforced the masonry, fixed the quoins securely to the building and stabilised each of the corners.

  • The HeliBars, were fully concealed within the masonry.
  • They provided a rapid, non-disruptive and very cost-effective solution.
  • Structural integrity was fully restored to the building.
  • All repairs were virtually undetectable once re-pointing had been carried out.