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Securing wall and roof panels, through insulation in a new timber frame house

Client: Intricate brickwork
Reference No: CS016

Problem and Solution

As part of the restoration of an historic Victorian estate, lake and walled garden, the owners have constructed a new, environmentally and thermally efficient contemporary timber frame house. Known as the Haddon Lake House, the property is designed in an oriental boat house style and sits at one end of the dredged lake and adjacent to the recreated 10,000 sqft walled garden.

The two year project also involved extensive landscaping of the gardens which contain a considerable collection of plants and trees.


The energy efficient timber house has Celotex insulation within all internal and external walls, the roof and under the floor. - Structural battens were required to secure the insulation to the timber frame, without affecting its insulation properties.

Helifix Solution

As recommended by all leading insulation manufacturers, 5, 000 125mm stainless steel InSkew were installed through the counterbattens and insulation to provide a secure structural fixing to the timber frame. Benefits: - Installed mechanically to provide a structural connection with exceptional holding power. - No splitting of timbers, no compression of insulation, no cold bridging.