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Rubble-filled library wall secured by SockFix for new openings

Client: Glasgow Women's Library
Location: Bridgeton, Glasgow
Approved Installer: Facades Ltd
Reference No: CS144

Built in 1906, this Carnegie Library was undergoing major refurbishment, both internally and externally, to bring it up to 21st Century standards and enable it to become the home of Glasgow Women's Library.

The two storey building has 760mm thick rubble-filled sandstone walls with thick render. A new steel lift shaft, fully clad with CNC cut feature cladding, was to be built onto the external façade of the gable wall which required two new openings on ground and first floor levels, providing accessibility to the first floor level. An old flue inside the confines of the gable ran directly within these two openings and needed to be retained to serve the existing basement plantroom. The wall required consolidating to secure the external leaf to the internal leaf and to allow the new openings to be created.

The Helifix Solution

SockFix grouted anchors were chosen to stabilise the wall as they use diamond-cored holes, so very little vibration was passed to the friable substrate. The injection of grout under very low pressure meant the SockFix system installation was very gentle on the surrounding substrate and possible voids did not impede installation or effectiveness of the anchors, maximising their bond between the internal and external leaves.

  • Once the position of the new openings and flue had been marked, clearance holes 40mm in diameter were core-drilled across the wall and into the inner leaf. The SockFix anchors, 650mm x 8mm, were then inserted and grout was gently pumped in until the anchors had fully inflated, gripping the stonework and masonry along their entire length.
  • When the anchors had cured sufficiently, the grout tubes were cut off below the face of the stonework and neatly finished.
  • On the gable wall masonry panels the SockFix were installed at a density of 900mm x 450mm while around the new openings the density was increased to 225mm x 300mm.

With the SockFix anchors installed the new openings could be created and a warranty issued for the concealed stabilisation work. Download the full case study here