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Restored Grade II Listed Engine House

Location: London Borough of Haringey
Reference No: PR188

Built in 1886 and closed in 1964, a Grade II listed engine house at the former Tottenham sewage works in the London Borough of Haringey was suffering from cracked masonry and failed arches. It has now been made structurally secure, using Helifix masonry repair products, fully renovated and turned into the Beam Engine Museum. With its restored and operational Wood Bros. Beam Steam Pumping Engine forming the principal exhibit, this local heritage museum provides an interesting focal point for the regenerated and landscaped Markfield Park.

When the site was closed in 1964 the large arched windows of the engine house were bricked up to prevent vandalism. Before these bricks could be removed and the windows reinstated the arch lintels had to be secured using grouted CemTies which were installed through the arches and into the brickwork above.

The building also had various vertical cracks in the masonry, many as a result of vibrations caused by the operational beam engine. To repair the brickwork the Helibeam System was installed which involved grouting over 300m of stainless steel HeliBars into different mortar beds above the arches. These secured and reinforced the masonry, stitched cracks and redistributed the loads to restore full structural integrity.

Helifix systems were specified by NPS Property Consultants as they are fully proven, can be rapidly installed, thereby avoiding any delays on site, and are fully concealed, so did not alter the visible appearance of this Grade II listed museum.