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Town hall failed arch is secured

Client: Banbury Council
Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire
Reference No: CS034

A large arch between the main hall and a high level viewing gallery at Banbury's fine Victorian Gothic Town Hall needed to be re-opened. Due to initial poor construction and subsequent roof spread (which had since been repaired) the arch had failed and was later filled in to prevent any significant masonry collapse, closing off the gallery from the main hall.

Helifix Solution

CemTies were specified, by the historic building consultant at GBS Architects of Oxford, because they offered various benefits.


  • They required no heavy equipment
  • They needed only small diameter drilled holes
  • They allowed the historic fabric to be retained
  • They were fully concealed within the masonry
  • They were rapidly and efficiently installed

Having drilled clearance holes around the arch, the 500mm long CemTies were installed simultaneously with HeliBond grout to give an excellent bond with the masonry and fully stabilise the arch. After making good there were no visible signs of the repairs and the bricked up arch was able to be safely re-opened enabling the main hall to be seen from the high level gallery.