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Rapid response provided at Bude Fire Station

Client: Cornwall Council
Location: Bude, Cornwall
Approved Installer: RM Construction
Reference No: CS101.09.13

Bude fire station was suffering from widespread cracking as the result of two separate causes: vertical cracking due to thermal movement and horizontal cracks caused by the corrosion of failed wall ties.

The fire station is a single storey ashlar clad building with a flat roof and parapet walls on all four elevations, which had been particularly badly affected by the thermal movement. Due to the dressed stone finish of the building the client was keen to provide the most unobtrusive repair possible.

The Helifix Solution

These structural problems were swiftly rectified using Helifix crack stitching for the vertical cracks and DryFix remedial ties to replace the failed wall ties, providing a virtually invisible finish and restoring full structural integrity in just four days.

  • Across each crack, stainless steel 1m x 6mm HeliBars were bonded into channeled-out mortar beds, at 450mm vertical spacing, with HeliBond cementitious grout. They stitched the cracks and spread the loads, providing structural reinforcement while remaining flexible enough to accommodate normal building movement.
  • The corroded wall ties were isolated to prevent further expansion. The DryFix remedial ties were then simply power-driven into position, via a small pilot hole, using a special attachment which also recessed the ties below the outer face. Installation was extremely quick as DryFix ties require no grouts, resins or mechanical expansion.

Once the cracks had been bonded with CrackBond epoxy resin and the cut mortar beds, cracks and pilot holes had all been made good with matching mortar, the concealed non-disruptive Helifix repairs were virtually invisible and structural integrity had been rapidly restored to Bude fire station.

Download the case study here.