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Rapid, economical lintel repairs for H.A. homes

Client: Clarion Housing
Location: Gorton Estate, Manchester
Installers: Specialist UK Restorations
Reference No: CS188

On the Gorton Estate in Manchester 66 houses owned by Clarion Housing, the largest housing association in the UK, required structural repairs to lintels above window and door openings.

The properties had undergone door and window replacement programmes many years before, but existing support for the masonry above had become inadequate and the soldier course lintels were now showing signs of separation and failure.

Built in the 1920’s, the two storey semi-detached houses were of traditional cavity wall construction with a clay brick outer skin, a 50-75mm cavity and concrete block internal walls.

Cost-effective reliable repairs were needed that would avoid the major disruption, to both the buildings and their occupants, associated with traditional methods involving mechanical supports.

The Helifix Solution

Following a survey of the properties, Helifix proposed using the Helibeam System which had several major benefits. It was economical, could be installed rapidly with all work undertaken externally and would cause no significant disruption.

● Mortar was channelled-out of two specified mortar beds above each lintel. Pairs of stainless steel HeliBars were then bonded into the slots, using HeliBond cementitious grout, to reinforce the brickwork, support the masonry above and spread the structural loads.


Some 2,000m of HeliBar was installed to provide a cost-effective long term solution. Following repointing there was no visible evidence of the work that had been carried out.