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Lintel and sill repairs retain original stonework and aesthetic appearance

Client: The Salvation Army
Location: Perth
Reference No: CS004


Built in the mid 1800's from red sandstone, the three storey Salvation Army shop, with offices above, had suffered from subsidence and required underpinning. Movement to both of the front elevations had caused structural damage to the windows' lintels and sills.

Traditional Solution

Remove and replace cracked stonework, lintels and sills. This would have been time consuming, very expensive, difficult to match the original materials and caused much disruption to the building's occupants.

Helifix Solution

Our Approved Installer used sympathetic Helibeam repair techniques to restore structural integrity:

  • Stainless steel HeliBars were installed into channelled out mortar beds above each window to create masonry beams, that act as lintels, and repair cracks.

  • Grouted CemTies were installed vertically through the lintel soldier course and keystones into the masonry above.

  • Sills were stitched and secured with DryFix ties installed in a 'X' pattern.

  • Repairs were fully concealed with matching mortar and all original stonework was retained. Sympathetic repairs were completed quickly and cost-effectively.