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Historic 16th century farmhouse made structurally secure

Client: Private homeowner
Location: Totton, Southampton
Approved Installer: LSE Building Preservation
Reference No: CS036

An historic 16th century farmhouse was suffering from a variety of structural faults, and needed to be 'invisibly' repaired and fully stabilised. It was in a poor state of repair having experienced subsidence, cracked and debonded brickwork, failed lintels and separated walls affecting all four elevations.

Helifix Solution

Working to designed repairs, the Helifix Approved Installer undertook the required sensitive repairs. The Helibeam System was installed to stitch cracks, reinforce the brickwork and create masonry beams to spread the structural loads. DryFix remedial ties were driven up through the window arches to secure the lintels. Grouted CemTies were used to secure the external walls' solid masonry and reconnect them to internal cross walls.

BowTies were driven into internal timbers and bonded into the external walls to stabilise the gables. Structural integrity was fully restored with all repairs totally concealed within the existing masonry thereby avoiding expensive and disruptive taking down and rebuilding. Structural restoration was completed by re-pointing with lime mortar.