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HeliBeam system saves time and money during warehouse conversion

Client: Packman Lucus
Location: Shoreditch, London, EC2
Approved Installer: Charterbuild Ltd
Reference No: CS017

A prominent five storey Victorian corner property had been derelict for some years. A former factory and warehouse, it needed to be structurally stabilised prior to its conversion into office and living accommodation.


  • Alterations over the years had caused extensive structural movement causing severe cracking and distortion, particularly of the internal walls.
  • Problems were so severe that demolition and reconstruction of the damaged areas was the considered option.
  • Bowing external walls had separated from internal walls and floors.
  • Cracked and failed lintels needed reinstating.

Helifix Solution

  • Our approved installer used 1300m of stainless steel HeliBars as bed joint reinforcement to form structural beams, distribute the loads and secure the masonry.
  • Shorter HeliBars were used for localised crack stitching.
  • 155 BowTies were installed through the masonry and into floor joists to stabilise bowing walls.
  • DryFix ties were installed to re-pin separated stone lintels.


  • By using Helifix systems demolition and rebuilding was avoided.
  • All Helifix products were rapidly installed and fully concealed.
  • Significant time and cost savings were achieved compared with traditional repair methods.
  • Repair works caused no delays to other contractors