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Hartley Close Properties Get Support from Helifix

Client: Liverpool Mutual Homes
Location: Hartley Close, Liverpool
Approved Installer: Specialist UK Restorations
Reference No: CS077


A rapid, economical and non-disruptive solution was required when progressive subsidence was identified at 18 housing association properties in Liverpool.

Built in the 1970s, the two storey terraced properties each have a single storey porch and bin store connected to the front elevation. These had been constructed on lightweight concrete slabs that were cast directly onto 'made' ground. As a result the porches were suffering from subsidence that was causing separation from the houses' main structure.

The Helifix Solution

Helifix micro-piles were specified by the engineers as the most suitable system to stabilise the buildings with minimal disruption to the tenants.

The Approved Installer dug a small hole to expose each corner of the slab before the micro-piles were driven to a depth of 2.2m, where earlier ground investigations had confirmed underlying bedrock. Special lightweight brackets were then fitted to the piles, inserted under the slabs and jacked up to take the required load of 70kN. These brackets meant the pile heads could be terminated below the level of the slabs, which were very shallow, yet still remain hidden.

The work was completed quickly and efficiently leaving the porches fully stabilised.

To download a pdf of the Hartley Close case study please click here.