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Free-standing facade efficiently secured

Client: Havebury Housing
Location: Ipswich Road, Stowmarket
Approved Installer: JB Specialist Refurbishments
Reference No: CS159

Following the demolition of terraced buildings to enable a new housing development, it was discovered that the adjacent, formerly attached, two storey property in Ipswich Road had a 'new' façade. This had been built sometime after the original building but was not tied to the main structure.

Cracking had resulted due to historic differential movement and the lack of restraint. The lintel above the first floor window had failed and the cracking above it had spread up into the parapet return wall built off the existing gable. Repairs were needed that would connect the 'new' façade to the main building, stitch cracks, provide lateral restraint and secure the gable parapet, to prevent further movement and restore structural integrity, all prior to piling works on the adjacent redevelopment.

The Helifix solution

Using a combination of remedial products, a Helifix programme of appropriate repairs was selected as it offered a fast and fully engineered solution, with minimal disruption to the occupants, and provided a design that is protected by Helifix's PI Insurance.

  • To tie the 'new' façade to the main building, stainless steel DryFix remedial wall ties were power-driven, via small pilot holes, through the façade and into the inner leaf for a rapid and secure mechanical connection.
  • To secure and reinforce the masonry and stitch cracks, HeliBars were bonded, with HeliBond grout, into mortar beds at 300mm vertical spacing around the corner of the front elevation and exposed gable wall and also into the parapet wall.

  • To provide lateral restraint to the front elevation, BowTies were installed into the upper storey floor and ceiling joists. Inserted through clearance holes drilled through the masonry façade, they were then driven into the joist ends before being bonded into the brickwork.

With the new façade and parapet rapidly and effectively secured, piling works on the adjacent site could safely go ahead. Download the case study