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Failed and spalling masonry made safe

Client: TCN Management
Location: Bristol
Approved Installer: TRAC Structural Ltd
Reference No: CS048

Herbert House, an empty three storey office block in Temple Meads, Bristol, was suffering from cracking and crushing of the front elevation brickwork and movement / cracking of its high level lintels caused by rusting and expanding metalwork. It presented serious short term safety issues as it Is by a bus stop on a busy main road outside the main railway station. Immediate inexpensive, but effective, short term repairs were needed to stabilise the masonry and prevent brickwork spalling onto the pavement.

Helifix Solution

  • Stainless steel HeliBars were bonded into horizontal cut slots, both above and across the large, brick formed, window heads.

  • The HeliBars reinforced the lintels and formed a masonry beam above them. They were then secured by vertically installing grouted CemTies up through the lintels and into the masonry beam.

  • The front elevation was stabilised by crack stitching with individual grouted HeliBars while horizontal cracks between the windows were stabilised using further HeliBars drilled into the brickwork and bonded into vertically cut slots in the masonry.

The lintels and front elevation were rapidly and economically secured enabling the pavement to be safely re-opened after a minimal closure period.