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Dixie micro-piles rapidly stabilise L.A. homes

Client: Shropshire Council
Location: Whitehouse Gardens, Shrewsbury
Approved Installer: Allbritain Construction
Reference No: CS175

As a result of foundation movement, these semi-detached, local authority properties were suffering from damage to both the front and rear elevations. There was severe diagonal stepped cracking to the front right and rear left corners.

Detailed ground investigations showed the cause to be a leaking water main, which was repaired, and that suitable load-bearing strata was below four metres, so traditional underpinning was not an option. To reinstate structural integrity, a reliable and cost-effective means of stabilising and repairing the two homes was needed.

The Helifix Solution

Helifix devised a solution which would overcome the ground movement problems and repair and reinforce the damaged brickwork. This involved Helifix Dixie micro-piles to stabilise the properties and the Helibeam System to stitch cracks and secure the masonry.

● At the specified locations, holes were dug adjacent to the building foundations and notches cut into the footings. The Dixie micro-piles were then simply screwed vertically into the ground, using a hydraulic drive head, until the required PSI/torque value was achieved. This ensured that suitable load bearing strata had been reached.

● Adjustable ‘L’ shaped brackets were fitted to the top of the piles and placed under the foundations. They were then jacked up until the specified safe working load was achieved, with the piles then fully supporting the building loads.

● A total of nine micro-piles were installed to a depth of six meters. Four were installed beneath the rear elevation of the left hand property and five to the front corner of the adjacent property – three to the right of the front door and two at the front end of the side elevation.

● To secure the masonry, stitch cracks and spread the building loads, stainless steel HeliBars were bonded, with HeliBond grout, into channelled-out mortar beds on the front and rear elevations affected by cracking.

The Dixie micro-piles were installed quickly and efficiently, with minimal spoil removal or disturbance to the occupants, to secure the two homes and restore structural integrity.