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Dixie micro-piles rapidly stabilise conservatory

Client: Private homeowner
Location: Port Quin, Cornwall
Structural Engineers: Cdec
Approved Installer: Profix Property Preservation
Reference No: CS197

The stone built, three bedroom, residential property dates from the 18th century and is situated on a cliff top overlooking Port Quin.

The more recently added conservatory had been built up on made-up retained ground and was suffering from subsidence on the front corner.

A cost-effective and reliable means of supporting and stabilising the conservatory was needed which would prevent further movement.

The Helifix Solution

Helifix Dixie micro-piles provided the ideal solution as they require no heavy duty machinery and there was restricted access, over a landscaped garden, to a tight working area. In addition, they are effective to much greater depths than traditional mass underpinning. 

  • Minor excavations were dug to the bottom of the foundations and six Dixie micro-piles, ranging from 4m to 5m in length, were installed along two sides of the conservatory. They were rapidly installed, with minimal disruption, spoil removal or vibrations, by simply being screwed into the ground, using hand-held equipment, until the required PSI reading and load bearing capacity was met.


  • Each pile was fitted with an adjustable L shaped top bracket which was positioned under the foundations before being jacked up to take the full weight of the conservatory.


The repairs were completed quickly, efficiently and economically. Any rebuilding was avoided and, once the patio area had been reinstated, there was little evidence of the structural stabilisation work that had been carried out.