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Dilapidated barn made fit for conversion

Client: Private homeowner
Location: Wellington, Somerset
Approved Installer: ASRS Ltd
Reference No: CS038

Serious structural faults had to be overcome, while retaining the original stonework, before this dilapidated barn could be converted into a modern home. First floor timbers were rotten, the walls had lost lateral support and were bowing and leaning and, due to a former adjacent soak-away, the gable end had rotated and separated from the main structure causing large vertical cracks in the stonework up to 50mm wide.

Helifix Solution

At several levels, the entire building was wrapped in HeliBar stainless steel reinforcing bars bonded into the mortar beds. These tied the stonework together, stitched cracks and formed masonry beams to reinforce the structure and spread the loads. BowTies were installed through clearance holes in the 400mm thick stone walls and driven into repaired floor joists before being bonded into the masonry to stabilise the bowing walls. To reconnect the separated internal and external walls, grouted CemTies were installed while DryFix remedial ties were driven vertically into the stonework to secure the arch lintels over the doorways and two newly created window openings. The concealed Helifix systems were fully concealed, restoring full structural integrity without taking down and rebuilding, retaining the original stonework and appearance while contract times and costs were reduced, making the barn fit for final conversion and habitation.