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Demolition proceeds after gable wall secured using SockFix

Client: Marks & Spencer
Location: Williamson Square, Liverpool
Approved Installer: Specialist UK Restorations
Reference No: CS114

A number of dilapidated Victorian three storey buildings were to be demolished to make way for some newly constructed retail units. However, a full laser survey identified that the adjacent concrete frame building, constructed in the 1970's, had been built into the gable end wall of the properties to be demolished, in effect creating a solid party wall.

The survey and site investigations showed that the gable end comprised two adjacent 9" walls, now forming one wall. This double end wall of the old properties had to be retained and a cost-effective and reliable means was required to tie it together and then secure it to the adjacent property.

The Helifix Solution

The project engineers asked Helifix to design a suitable structural solution and a scheme was devised using grouted CemTies and SockFix grouted sock anchors.

  • Approximately 1,000 8mm stainless steel CemTies of varying lengths, bonded with HeliBond cementitious grout, were installed in a 450mm x 450mm staggered formation to tie together the two adjacent 9" gable end walls.
  • Some 60 SockFix grouted anchors, 1,500mm long, were then installed at 600mm horizontal centres into the hollow concrete floor slab of the adjacent building at each floor level. These secured the retained gable wall to the main structure of the adjacent building.

The Helifix ties and anchors provided a fast, efficient and economical solution and, with the wall fully secured, the main contractor was able to proceed with the demolition without any major contract delays.