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Exterior Structural Restoration of Wolfe Tone House, Dublin

Client: AXA Insurance
Location: Dublin
Approved Installer: Oldstone Ltd
Reference No: CS086

Wolfe Tone House, a large period building in central Dublin owned and occupied by AXA Insurance, was suffering various forms of serious structural failure that had resulted in sections of masonry falling to the ground. An extensive exterior restoration was needed to avoid danger to the public.

The three storey brick building was rendered with Roman Cement and had a large number of decorative modillions and friezes. It also had various layers of paint including modern masonry paint which had sealed the building, trapping moisture and resulting in freeze thaw action which corroded wrought iron fixings and damaged the outer façade.

The Helifix solution

After all the paint was removed the repairs, as specified by the engineers, were carried out.

  • 48 cracked and decaying modillions were replaced, the friezes repaired with matching mortar and decorative rosettes, moulded features and motifs were all secured with DryFix remedial ties

  • To allow two false arches to be removed and repaired, HeliBars were bonded into the brickwork above them to form deep masonry beams that reinforced the masonry and supported the loads. The façade was further stabilised by installing BowTies to secure it to interior joists.

  • Delaminated masonry was reconnected using grouted CemTies

  • Crack stitching was undertaken in various locations by installing bonded HeliBars.

Once all the concealed Helifix repairs had been completed and structural integrity restored to Wolf Tone House, the fully restored exterior façade was repainted using a breathable mineral paint.