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Cost-effective lintel creation for housing association flats

Client: Walsall Housing Group
Location: Walsall, West Midlands
Approved Installer: Eden Environmental Services
Reference No: CS055

Two adjacent blocks of two storey housing association flats were lacking lintels above the doors and windows on their rear elevations. As a result the UPVC window frames had started to deflect causing cracking in the masonry above and various stepped cracking in other areas.

Helifix solution

The Helifix system of lintel creation is quick, simple, easy and fully proven. Unlike traditional methods it involves no brickwork removal or installation of new concrete or steel lintels, which are time consuming, expensive and disruptive to both the building's fabric and its occupants.

The Helibeam System uses the existing masonry to form deep masonry beams. These support and spread the structural loads, securing the property while still allowing normal structural movement and, if required, enabling easy window replacement.

Mortar beds, four courses apart, where channelled out above all doors and ground floor windows. Pairs of stainless steel HeliBars were bonded into the slots using HeliBond cementitious grout to create the masonry beams. Further HeliBars were used to stitch the various masonry cracks.

After making good and re-pointing structural integrity had been rapidly and economically restored, while retaining the original brickwork and appearance as all the repairs were fully concealed.