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Concealed repairs provide consolidated solution

Client: Private homeowner
Location: Stockton-on-Tees
Approved Installer: Facades Ltd
Reference No: CS195

This two storey semi-detached property, built in the interwar years with solid brick elevations, was suffering from assorted cracking to the front elevation, above the front door and the separating bay window, due to ground movement. The side gable was bowing as a result of settlement, eccentric loading and, being adjacent to the staircase, the lack of sufficient lateral restraint. The brick panel between the front door and bay window was also bowing and there was some internal cracking below the stairs.

Structural repairs were required that would reconnect cracked masonry, stabilise the bowing gable, secure the bay window and restore integrity.

The Helifix Solution

A repair programme was devised using a combination of Helifix masonry repair and reinforcement products combined with concealed installation techniques.

● To provide lateral restraint, reinforce the masonry and create deep masonry beams using the existing brickwork, pairs of stainless steel HeliBars were bonded into mortar beds at three levels next to the upper storey floor joists, right across the front elevation and the full length of the gable wall. Two further pairs were installed around the bay window with the ends bonded into main structure masonry.

● Additional restraint was provided by installing 1m long BowTie HDs between the HeliBars and into the floor joists above the front door and either side of the stairwell. Clearance holes were drilled through the masonry and the BowTies were then power-driven through the first two parallel joists or through noggins fitted between perpendicular joists before the outer ends were bonded into the brickwork.

● To reconnect the gable wall to an internal ground floor cross wall, fully grouted CemTies were installed, simultaneously with HeliBond cementitious grout, into clearance holes drilled through the external wall and into the cross wall.

● Individual cracks on all elevations and internally were stitched by bonding single HeliBars into appropriate mortar beds with HeliBond grout.

All the concealed repairs were completed quickly and efficiently, restoring structural integrity to the property.