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Concealed, non disruptive, lintel creation provides significant cost savings

Client: Runnymede Borough Council
Location: Egham, Surrey
Approved Installer: South East Ties Ltd
Reference No: CS008


Following a window replacement programme four years earlier, these calcium silicate brick council houses were suffering from masonry shrinkage and cracking and sagging of the lintels above the windows.

Original Solution

To undertake a full lintel replacement programme involving removal of brickwork and the installation of stainless steel angles above all windows. Remove all cracked brickwork and rebuild with new bricks. Very disruptive to occupants and the fabric of the buildings; long projects times. Cost: £20,000 per house, on average.

Helifix Solution

To create new lintels, using the existing brickwork, by bonding stainless steel HeliBars into channelled-out mortar beds above each window. HeliBars and brickwork combine to form masonry beams that support and evenly distribute the loads. Helifix crack stitching stabilised the masonry and cracks were repaired with matching mortar. Benefits Cost was an average £3,000 per house on over 85 houses saving £17,000 per house. Visually unobtrusive as all taking down and rebuilding was avoided. Minimal disruption to building fabric and occupants.