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Piles stabilise subsiding gable wall

Client: Private homeowner
Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Reference No: CS040

Builders constructing a new two storey extension noticed cracking in the existing gable wall which, although thought to be historic, indicated subsidence. As the extension works involved opening up large portions of the gable, changing load patterns and concentrating loads in areas which would bear new structural supports, the decision was taken to install piles to strengthen the foundations and prevent any future subsidence.

Helifix Solution

  • A repair scheme was devised using Chance helical micro-piles combined with crack stitching. This rapidly and economically overcome the problems of foundation settlement and subsidence with minimum disruption.
  • Seven Chance SS5 square shaft helical pulldown piles were installed, ranging in depths between five and seven metres, with a design load for each pile of 70kN. Minimal excavation was required and the piles were simply 'screwed' into the ground using lightweight hand-held equipment until the required torque was achieved. Adjustable 'L' shaped brackets were fitted to the piles and under the foundations and jacked up to achieve the correct loading, thereby transferring the weight of the building to the piles.
  • Installation was carried out on a congested site in poor weather conditions but was completed within two days. With the piles preventing further settlement the cracks were stitched and made good and construction of the extension continued without further delay.