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Bowing and cracking of 200 year old property repaired

Client: Private Homeowner
Location: Warwickshire
Reference No: CS052

As a result of having a third floor added around 100 years ago, a three storey 19th century property was displaying signs of outward bowing and movement of its front and rear elevations, as a result of historic roof spread, which had also caused cracking of the internal cross walls.

Helifix Solution
An engineer's report by J Turner & Associates Ltd identified the problems and recommended Helifix as best able to provide a solution. After a contractor had arrested the roof spread:

BowTie HDs were installed into the floor joists of the first and second storeys across the full width of the front elevation and at first floor level on the rear elevation.

Vertical rows of grouted CemTies were installed either side of the front door, through the front elevation and into the internal cross walls.

Internally, HeliBars were bonded into the mortar beds of the cross walls and returned at right angles into the front and rear elevations.

The concealed Helifix repairs rapidly and cost-effectively stabilised the property and were also fully sympathetic to its aesthetic appearance.