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Asymmetric ties secure cladding panels

Client: E R Brown Ltd
Location: Swansea University
Approved Installer: TRAC Structural Ltd
Reference No: CS025

During the external refurbishment of three multi-storey accommodation blocks at Swansea University, the project engineers had concerns about the integrity of the original fixings for the stone cladding on the columns and beams of the concrete frame building.

Helifix Solutions

Using abseil techniques, the Helifix Approved Installer undertook an initial survey of the concrete frame. They took core samples of the frame, for carbonation and chloride testing, and performed pull out tests to determine the type of tie required.

Installation was undertaken from suspended cradles and mast climbers over a three year period with one block completed each summer break.

Using a Helifix designed repair, 13,000 asymmetric DryFix ties were installed in each block and driven through small pilot holes in the stone cladding.

The 6.5mm diameter section of the tie was secured into the concrete frame while the shorter 8mm section gripped the stone cladding for a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution.