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10 years after HeliBeam system repairs, moving property still retains stability

Client: Royal Insurance Engineer: Lloyd Associates
Location: Glastonbury
Reference No: CS013


  • Property, built on the side of a steep hill of clay overlaying rock, was suffering from masonry cracking due to widespread ground movement.
  • Main building, on stepped footings, was separating from rear extension built on a concrete slab.
  • Front corner of the building had fallen away due to subsidence, caused by an adjacent tree, and vertical cracks were running from the upper windows to the DPC.

Original Solution

  • No practical options were available as piling or mass underpinning were likely to disturb the footings and accelerate movement.

Helifix Solution

  • Our Approved Installer used the Helibeam System in one of its first insurance-backed repair programmes.
  • Pairs of stress-free stainless steel HeliBars were grouted into five selected mortar beds around all sides of the building to create deep masonry beams: two above the DPC, two under the upper storey windows, one under the eaves, with grouted CemTies installed on the internal corner.
  • The whole structure was reinforced and loads were redistributed allowing the masonry to bridge over areas of subsidence.
  • Individual cracks were stitched with concealed grouted HeliBars.


  • The only repair accepted by the Royal Insurance.
  • Differential movement was arrested, integrity was reinstated, future cracking and small cyclical movements prevented and all repairs were hidden.
  • The property regained insurable status, was mortageable and was sold.
  • 10 years after repairs, no further problems have occured.