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Helifix InSkew Product Specification Calculator

The counter-batten must be a minimum of 25mm; if this is not possible please contact the Helifix Sales Office
This is the counter-batten spacing and is usually the same as the rafter centres
Softwood, Redwood, Oak etc
The thickness of the insulation above the rafters that is to be fixed through - some insulation is rebated or between the rafters
Sometimes, other materials such as ply or plasterboard are placed between the insulation and the rafters
This is needed in order to calculate the sliding load. You can round this figure up or down to the nearest 10˚
This is needed in order to calculate the sliding load. At best we need to know the laid weight in kg/m2, at worst the name of the slate/tile to be used
What county is the site in?
Take into account if the site is in town, on top of a hill, near the coast etc.
This is needed to calculate the total number of fixings required. Please specify in m2.

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