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The original Helifix one-piece stainless steel helical tie has become the accepted standard for the industry. This revolutionary design has since formed the basis of a comprehensive range of special purpose new build and remedial products.

These original designs, and their associated concealed, non-disruptive, installation techniques, provide many outstanding benefits from the simplicity of their design to ease of installation and long term performance.

They combine the required strength with flexibility, durability and great holding power in all commonly used building materials to provide cost-effective, sympathetic solutions for all forms of masonry stabilisation in remedial situations and secure, lasting connections in new build applications.

How do you think our product range could be improved, expanded or used in new applications?

Please send us your ideas and feedback


Your innovation contact
If you have ideas for new or improved products or information on potential new markets or applications for our engineered fixings, please get in touch with:

John Heseltine
General Manager | Helifix | UK
E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0) 20 8735 5200


Efficient Innovation Process
We are open to ideas from both inside and outside our company and industry. We run an incentivised employee innovation scheme which generates ideas constantly to complement those offered by external sources.

Established and proven innovation processes ensure all ideas, irrespective of their source, are given full consideration and, if approved for development, that they are allocated adequate resources to ensure new and improved products are engineered and launched with minimal delay.

Recent new products include:
Dixie Micro-piles

Idea Ownership and Protection
Leviat has a number of product improvements and range extensions bubbling at any one time. It is possible that your suggestion may be similar to others that we are already considering or developing and we want to avoid any misunderstanding around ownership.

You should only submit non-confidential information to us. We recommend that you first protect your idea with a patent application or other intellectual property right if you wish to maintain control.

Unprotected ideas and suggestions are readily accepted by Leviat, however, unless an idea carries intellectual property protection it is assumed that your submission has been freely volunteered to us and that you are forfeiting any rights to it.

Call John Heseltine on +44 (0) 20 8735 5209 to discuss any concerns you may have before sending your submission.