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Structural masonry repairs to 18th century building

Client: D Nolan Conservation
Location: Wexford, Ireland
Approved Installer: Oldstone Ltd
Reference No: PR217

Built in the late 18th century, "Simon's Place", a semi-detached public house with three storeys of accommodation above, is one of the oldest original buildings in the centre of Wexford, Ireland, and of local historic interest. An exterior covering of slate had started falling away to reveal extensive cracking to the front and side elevations and it required reliable, permanent and sympathetic stabilisation.

Built with solid walls on the apex of a hill, the front elevation was historically moving in one direction, and had clear vertical cracking, while the gable side wall was moving in a different direction and displayed bulging and tapered cracking. The building had been temporarily braced on both elevations with extensive structural steel 'U' channels less than a year previously but these were already corroding badly and a more permanent and aesthetically suitable solution was required to provide much needed lateral restraint.

Helifix, working with their local Approved Installer, Oldstone Ltd, and the project engineers, D Nolan Conservation Ltd, devised an economical non-disruptive repair scheme. To stabilise and reinforce the masonry, pairs of stainless steel HeliBars were bonded into the masonry across the full height of the front elevation, around the corner and along the side elevation. Where possible they were also installed internally, for additional stability, and the unsightly steel beams were then removed. Additional individual HeliBars were also installed to stitch the various cracks.

To provide lateral restraint HD BowTies were installed into the upgraded or replaced floor / ceiling joists and new noggins at three levels. Having been power-driven into the joists / noggins through clearance holes in the walls, the outer ends were then bonded into the masonry to stabilise both elevations.

Historic "Simon's Place" is now fully stabilised and structural integrity has been cost-effectively and aesthetically restored with all repairs being totally concealed.