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Nursing home conversion avoids major taking down and rebuilding

Client: Wimpey Homes
Location: Hemel Hempstead, Herts
Approved Installer: Underpin & Makegood Ltd
Reference No: CS011

This brick built former nursing home, around 100 years old, needed to be made structurally sound prior to conversion into luxury apartments as part of a larger residential development.


  • Settlement at various locations
  • Structural cracking above and below window lines
  • Separated lintels and brick arches
  • Loose and poor quality brickwork in many areas

Traditional Solution

  • To take down and rebuild large sections of brickwork and replace lintels
  • Very disruptive to existing fabric, time consuming and expensive

Helifix Solution

  • Our Approved Installer used sympathetic Helibeam repair techniques, approved by consulting engineers Woods Warren, to restore structural integrity.
  • Stainless steel HeliBars were installed into channelled out mortar beds to create masonry beams that stabilised the masonry, acted as lintels and stitched cracks.
  • DryFix ties were used to pin loose brickwork and tie the brick lintels to the inner leaf
  • Grouted CemTies were installed vertically through the brick arches to tie them to the masonry beams

These non-disruptive concealed repairs saved both time and money.