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LA property fully repaired and supported

Client: Ipswich Borough Council
Location: Browning Road, Ipswich, Suffolk
Approved Installer: Charterbuild
Reference No: CS125

A semi-detached property, owned by Ipswich Borough Council, was suffering from extensive masonry cracking, both internally and externally, and widespread masonry failure.

The kitchen, living room and three bedrooms, as well as all three external elevations, displayed a variety of cracks from hairline up to 15mm wide. Cracks were present in walls, ceilings, chimney stacks and at wall junctions with distortions of door and window frames.

The cause of all these problems was structural foundation movement to the flank wall. Consequently, reliable economical repairs were required to restore structural integrity to the superstructure while the foundations also needed to be fully stabilised.

The Helifix solution

Helifix systems were specified for several reasons: special purpose products were available to undertake all the necessary repairs, both above and below ground; all repairs techniques were fully proven; the use of Dixie micro-piles avoided the need for mass underpinning; pile installation uses hand-held equipment which enabled easy access for the internal piles; the Helifix warranty covered all aspects of the repair.

  • The Helibeam System was installed with double stainless steel HeliBars bonded into mortar joints at six levels around all three external elevations. These stitched cracks, stabilised the structure and formed deep masonry beams which spread the loads and restored integrity. Individual bonded HeliBars were used internally and externally to stitch cracks throughout.
  • DryFix remedial ties were installed vertically into the brickwork to reinstate the soldier course lintels. BowTie were used to secure the flank wall to internal floor joists and grouted CemTies were installed to stitch internal and party walls and secure them to the external elevations.
  • 13 Helifix Dixie micro-piles, which are ICC approved, were installed to a depth of 6m, seven externally supporting the flank wall and front and rear corners with six more internally supporting the cross wall and the chimney breast. They were then jacked up beneath the foundations to a maximum working load of 62.9kN, equating to an ultimate load of 188.7kN per pile.

The works were completed quickly and efficiently, fully stabilising the property.

Download the case study.